Meetings are held 1st Thursday of the month

Keeping Salem RED

The Salem NH Republican Town Committee is made up of residents committed to electing Republicans to further the positive growth to support low taxes, local control, limited government, and have fun. Come meet Republican candidates running federally, state, and local.

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What we've done

The Salem Republican Town Committee is committed to improving the lives of the citizens of Salem, New Hampshire by bringing common-sense government to the town and state.

Purpose: The Salem Republican Town Committee is organized to recruit and support Republican candidates who endorse low taxes, local control, and limited government. Gives you the opportunity to meet Republican candidates running for federal, state, and local government.

We are in the business of getting Salem Republicans elected.

Your financial contribution to the Salem Republican Town Committee will help support Salem Republicans

Get involved by signing up! There are many ways you can help during elections, as simple as putting candidates lawn signs in your yard.

Your right to vote makes a difference. Learn where voting polls are located and how to register.